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Physical Therapy for Back Pain Relief

By Karen Delgado, MSPT, DPT on 09/22/13.

Back pain is becoming more and more common lately. There are many possible reasons causing back pain. Injury to you back due to a traumatic accident many times is unavoidable; however the regular aches and pains in either upper or lower back can be avoided.

Posture and body mechanics make up a significant amount the episodes of back pain. This is a hard concept to understand and yet we are all born with proper posture and body mechanics! Next time you are in the company of a toddler pay attention to how they sit and how they pick up their toys off the floor. A toddler just knows to sit up straight and to squat down using their legs to pick up objects off the floor rather than bend down. So why do most of us loose this ability that we are born knowing how to do? Most of it is due to increasing technology and increasing demands on children while in school. People sit behind computers at a desk most of the day. Years ago kindergarten and early grades were for learning basics and still have plenty of time for playing and now kids begin sitting at desks for most of their day as early as kindergarten. Our bodies were not designed to stay in one place for so long. We are finding now that even children are now becoming susceptible to these injuries.

People who work where heavy lifting is involved such as with Heath care worker and mechanics are at increased risk of injuries. They have sat through the many years of school that has continued to promote bad posture and bad body mechanics and now are required to lift heavy objects and most no longer know how and they injure themselves.

Now imagine this all being avoided! This is not a fantasy it can be avoided with physical therapy! Physical therapy not only treats the pain that u are suffering from but also help prevent from it returning or even occurring in the first place. A physical therapist is an expert in posture and body mechanics and has various methods in improving both.

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